What is CVC, how to apply it?

What is CVC, how to apply it?


CVC or CVV is a digital code located on the back of the card that confirms the authenticity of the card. It is needed to ensure security when paying by card on the Internet. In this article we will look at how this code works, where to find it, and why these numbers cannot be shared with friends.

What is the CVC code on the card?

English abbreviation CVC stands for Card Verification Code — the security code of a bank card. These are three (rarely four — for example, American Express) numbers. The code is used for additional identification of the owner when shopping on the Internet.

There are many variations of CVC code with the same action:

CVV2 code — stands for Card Verification Value. Used for cards of the international payment system Visa.
CVC2 code — used for MasterCard international payment cards.
CID code — Card Identification («card identification») — is used for American Express cards.
CVP2 code — Card Verification Parameter («card security parameter»).

Similar technical solutions are used by all other payment systems in the world (Maestro cards stand alone, where there is no verification code, but these cards are hardly used for payments on the network). The CVC code is considered the personal information of the cardholder and is protected accordingly. The Bank is not entitled to transfer information about client card codes to third parties.

CVC / CVV code is located on the back of the card is also not just. In many stores there are surveillance cameras above the cash register. The code placed on the back side does not get into the sights of the lenses, as well as the seller’s eyes.

The identifier on the back of the card is considered to be an additional protection, since without its entry it is impossible to make an online payment. At the same time, this is an increased risk factor, since the code is marked on the card itself, and if the “plastic” falls into the hands of an intruder, all the information necessary to make the payment will be available. Therefore, in order to secure your funds, never give the card to strangers. And if you transmit, then try to make the person visible and you can see what he does with your card.

How to find out the code if it is not on the map

Entry-level debit cards (for example, Maestro) for some banks are not intended for payments on the Internet. Therefore, they do not write CVC code. Accordingly, if the online store accepts such cards for payment, the verification code is not requested. But if you still want to learn the CVC code from some sports interest, this can be done in the bank. If the cherished numbers are not on the plastic, you can find them in online banking — https://cvv-shop.co/login .

For CVC card code we are not taken to treat with due respect, but in vain. In fact, these three digits are analogous to the PIN code used for Internet payments. Without it, it is impossible to pay for the purchase, and if it falls into the wrong hands, it can be fraught with the loss of money from the card. Yes, unlike the PIN, CVC is not the only way to identify the cardholder — there are also verification SMS codes, and you also need to enter the card number, the name of the owner and its validity period. But the verification code is not protected as a PIN code.

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